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Rechabite Payments

When a member was unwell he or she would make a claim against the Friendly Society. This would not be a great amount but would be of assistance when pay was normally stopped as soon as you were unable to work. This extract from the Sick Register gives an idea of the funds that the Society would pay.

After a period and in line with sick pay today, the amount paid out would reduce. In the event of the death of a member, a payment to assist with the cost of funeral costs would be made.

YearNameAgeSexDays sicknessNotes
1886James White17M6 days
1886Margaret Ransom18F12 days
1886Frederic Burton35M34 days
1886William England25M6 days
1886Alfred Henry Amis17M7 days
1886Alfred Edward Salter31M12 days + 2 days
1886Olive Gallehawk29F12 days
1886Gertrude Copsey1F12 days
1886Harriet England20F4 days
1886 Total17 weeks 5 days £8. 8s. 4d.
1887Harriet England20/21F33 days + 35 daysSickness period 39 days - 4 in 1886
1887Alfred E Salter31M50 daysSickness period 52 days - 2 in Dec 1886
1887Ruth Anderson38F24 days
1887William Mayes19M5 days
1887John B Hudson36M12 days
1887Harriet Burton28F18 days
1887John H Randall24M6 days
1887Frederic W Burton36/37M6 days + 19 days
1887Walter Winearls20M8 days
1887William England27M7 days + 7 days
1887Jane Wanstall38F17 days
1887 Total49 weeks 2 days £29. 2s. 11d.
1888Frederic W Burton37M12 days
1888Joseph Middleton27M7 days
1888Olive Gallehawk30F13 days
1888Thomas Wanstall45M6 days
1888Harriet England22F78 days
1888Robert Mayes18M10 days + 11 days
1888William Mayes21M9 days + 4 days + 3 days
1888Robert L Randall28M18 days
1888Harriet Burton30F6 days + 3 days
1888 Total30 weeks £14. 9s. 7d
1889Joseph Middleton28M9 days
1889Harriet M A Burton30F51 daysSickness period 54 days - 3 in 1888
1889Ernest H Harrison17M12 days
1889Harriet Kettle43F16 days + 43 daysConsecutive so 1 claim of 67 days
1889William Mees31M12 days
1889Benjamin Harrison37M6 days
1889Gertrude Copsey24F30 days
1889Harriet England23F30 days
1889Joseph Middleton28M4 days
1889William Thomas Craske20M42 days
1889Charley Burton19/20M30 days + 19 days
1889Robert Mayes29M24 days
1889Samuel R Cutting31M4 days
1889Ruth Anderson41F6 days
1889Alfred Lake37M18 days
1889Florence Mace25F6 days
1889 Total71 weeks 3 days £35. 0s. 5d.
1890Charley Burton20M11 days + 13 weeks 3 daysDied 27.5.1890 of phthisis at end of second sickness period
1890Florence Mace25F29 daysSickness period 35 days - 6 in 1889
1890Sarah E Mees29F7 days
1890James White21M6 days
1890Charles Ransom17M8 days
1890John Allen31M5 days
1890Charlotte Green29F12 days
1890John B Hudson39M8 days
1890Joseph Middleton29M12 days
1890John Kettle32M6 days + 16 days
1890William Mayes22/23M4 days + 3 days
1890Robert Mayes19M7 days
1890Thomas Wanstall47M8 days
1890Alfred Lake37M10 days
1890Ruth Anderson41F10 days
1890Jane Wanstall40F10 days
1890William Thomas Craske21M8 days
1890Harriet M A Burton31/32F18 days + 18 days + 14 days
1890Robert L Randall30M31 days
1890James Dickerson23M15 days
1890Arthur Hewitt24M54 days
1890Benjamin Harrison39M3 days
1890 Total69 weeks £38 12s. 6d.
1891Harriet Burton32F18 weeks + 18 days1st sickness period 122 days - 2 in 1890. 2nd claim Half pay
1891John B Hudson40M10 days
1891Charles Ransom19M14 days
1891Mary L Doughty (nee Smith)22F12 days
1891Florence Mace27F10 days
1891Margaret Kirby (nee Ransom)23F12 days
1891Robert L Randall31M6 days + 3 days
1891Joseph Middleton30M9 days
1891Sarah Salter40F14 days
1891James Dickerson26F7 days
1891William Mees33M12 days
1891Ruth Anderson43F10 days
1891James Lee38M3 days
1891Louisa Botwright47F11 days
1891John B Hudson40M10 days
1891Charlotte Green31F8 days + 13 days
1891Blanche Smith20F24 days
1891Albert J Wanstall20M17 days
1891Jane Wanstall42F10 days
1891Alfred Lake39M8 days
1891George W Nockells19M6 days
1891 Total59 weeks 1 day £27. 17s. 11d.
1892Alfred Lake39/40M6 days + 12 days + 12 days
1892John B Hudson41M7 days
1892Frederick W Burton41M36 days
1892William Lake20M32 days
1892George W Nockles19M97 days
1892Ben Harrison40M6 days
1892Ruth Anderson44F18 days
1892Robert L Randall32M6 days
1892Alfred E Salter37M6 days
1892 Total43 weeks £24 2s. 6d.
1893Ruth Anderson44F54 days
1893Frederick W Burton42M12 days
1893James Lee39/40M7 days + 4 days
1893Harold D Randall20M24 days + 6 days
1893Thomas Wanstall50M20 days
1893Alfred Lake40M6 days
1893Charlotte Roberts (nee Green)32F42 days
1893William H Jeckels20M24 days
1893Robert L Randall33M4 days + 21 days
1893William Lake22M20 days
1893William T Craske24M4 days
1893John B Hudson42M8 days
1893John H Chadwick23M11 days
1893James White24M6 days
1893Maud Kirby (nee Ransom)25F9 days
1893Keziah Goodwin20F12 days
1893Emily Long18F41 days
1893Robert L Randall33M4 days
1893Harriet Kettle48F2 days
1893 Total56 weeks 5 days £32. 18s. 9d.
1894M A Kirby25F6 days
1894J B Hudson43M34 days
1894John Kettle36M12 days + 19 days
1894Elizabeth Jeckells17F48 days + 60 days
1894Harriet Kettle48F62 daysHalf pay continuation from Dec 1893
1894Emily Long18F24 daysContinuation from 1893
1894William Jeckells21M5 days
1894Ruth Anderson45F14 days
1894A E Salter38/39M30 days + 6 days
1894C Ransome22M10 days + 10 days + days + 5 days
1894Jane Wanstall44F12 days
1894B C Smith22M18 days
1894S A Salter43F6 days
1894Sam Laurence26M30 days + 30 days
1894James Lee41M3 days
1894Keziah Goodwin21F12 days
1894Ruth Anderson46F18 days
1894A R Harrison16M24 daysHalf pay
1894B H Nockells19M7 days
1894Albert Wanstall23M9 days
1894William Lake22M6 days + 6 days
1894Margaret Kirby26F12 days
1894Charlotte Cook18F12 daysHalf Pay
1894Robert Jeckells20M18 days
1894Florence Mace30F20 days
1894Robert L Randall34M6 days
1894 Total99 weeks 2 days £51 9s. 2d
1895Alfred Lake42/43M13 days + 12 days + 16 days + 6 days + 6 days + 18 days
1895Ernest Wanstall19M8 days
1895William G Warner21M4 days
1895Charles Ransom22/23M8 days + 12 daysContinuation of 1894
1895Florence Mace20F10 days
1895Samuel Lawrence26M8 days
1895Jane Wanstall45F6 days
1895Albert Wanstall24M16 days + 4 days + 8 days
1895Harriet Kettle49F42 days
1895Edith Laurence (nee Barnes)24F12 daysHalf pay
1895James Allen44M8 days
1895Ben Nockels20M13 days
1895Robert Jeckells20M6 days
1895E.M.M.A. Jeckells1830 days
1895A R Harrison177 days
1895H D Randell22M14 days
1895Louisa Botwright51F12 days
1895Alice Eke17F6 days
1895William H Jeckells23M90 days
1895John Chadwick25M6 days
1895Charlotte Cook19F12 days
1895James White26M18 days
1895George Girling19M11 daysHalf pay
1895William Lake24M12 days
1895 Total75 weeks 4 days £47 6s. 8d
1896Emma Randell16F6 days
1896William Lake24M108 days
1896Benjamin Cleathero23M33 days
1896Benjamin Nockells21M7 days + 12 days + 45 days
1896Ruth AndersonF15 days + 12 days
1896KeziaH GoodwinF12 days
1896Marten WardM12 days
1896William G WarnerM6 days
1896Samuel LaurenceM3 days
1896Edith LaurenceF6 days + 30 days
1896Alfred LakeM4 days
1896Charles A LeeM12 days
1896Louisa BotwrightF24 days
1896Edith LaurenceF30 days
1896John SmithsonM6 days
1896Harry T BaconM8 days
1896A R Harrison6 days
1896Margaret KirbyF9 days
1896Robert L RandallM18 days
1896John ChadwickM5 days + 6 days
1896Walter AllenM16 days + 9 days
1896Alice EkeF8 days
1896 Total73 weeks £49style='mso-spacerun:yes'> 18s. 9d.
1897Ben NockelsM3 days
1897Walter AllenM3 daysContinued from 1896 Half pay
1897Alice EkeF142 daysContinued from 1896 Half pay
1897R W L Jeckells12 days
1897Charles RansomeM6 days
1897Charlotte AllenF12 days
1897Keziah Ransome (Goodwin)F24 days + 24 days
1897Jane WantsallF24 days
1897James GoldingM4 days
1897Harriet KettleF30 days + 114 days
1897Ben HarrisonM6 days
1897Ellen SmithF6 days
1897Albert WanstallM11 days
1897George NockelsM8 days + 9 days
1897Mary A PayneF18 days
1897Thomas WanstallM12 days
1897Harold D RandellM6 days
1897William LakeM12 days
1897 Total89 weeks £49. 15s. 0d.
1898Charlotte CookF12 days
1898Keziah RansomeF48 days + 35 days
1898Alfred LakeM7 days + 6 days
1898Benjamin HarrisonM38 days + 6 days
1898Florence MaceF46 days
1898Harriet KettleF17 days
1898James LeeM7 days
1898S A SalterF12 days
1898Arhur C LeeM9 days
1898Muriel KettleF12 days
1898A E SalterM12 days
1898G W Nockells30 days + 27 days
1898Samuel LaurenceM17 days
1898John HudsonM23 days
1898Ellen SmithF123 days
1898Harold RandellM9 days
1898Edith LaurenceF60 days
1898M A KirbyF6 days + 12 days
1898M Smithson12 days
1898Thomas WanstallM12 days + 17 days
1898Muriel KettleF12 days
1898Jane WanstallF13 days
1898William R SealesM30 days
1898James AllenM4 days
1898A C Elliott12 days
1898F E Cotton8 days
1898William H JeckellsM12 days
1898 Total117 weeks 4 days £73 0s. 10d.
1899Thomas WanstallM7 days
1899Winifred WeirF18 days + 6 days
1899John SmithsonM5 days + 12 days
1899Alfred LakeM8 days + 6 days + 9 days
1899Arthur C LeeM12 days + 6 days + 1 day
1899Charlotte AllenF6 days
1899Charlote GreenF12 days
1899William LakeM12 days
1899Jane WanstallF18 days
1899Ruth AndersonF6 days + 8 days
1899George Alfred AllenM9 days
1899Harriet M BlytheF6 days
1899James AllenM15 days
1899John R EdwardsM18 days + 10 days
1899James LeeM12 days
1899William JeckellsM23 days + 56 days
1899William KettleM30 daysHalf pay
1899Ellen SmithF34 days + 6 days4½ weeks full pay 2½ weeks half pay
1899Benjamin HarrisonM6 days
1899Lucy IrwinF25 days
1899William G WarnerM66 days
1899John AllenM12 days
1899Cecil ChadwickM6 days
1899R L Defty8 days + 3 days
1899Marten WardM56 days
1899Samuel LaurenceM6 days
1899Keziah RansomeF30 days1 week full pay 4 weeks half pay
1899M A Payne12 days
1899Louisa BotwrightF137 days
1899Ed CottonM9 days
1899Muriel KettleF12 days + 16 days
1899Robert L RandallM27 days
1899M A Kirby6 days
1899H T BaconM1 day
1899M A Muntzer6 days
Total 1899136 weeks 5 days £78 11s. 3d
1900Louisa Botwrightf6 weeks 2 daysDate of death 14 Feb 1900
1900R S Deftym4 days
1900A C Leem2 weeks 5 days
1900M A Muntzer2 weeks
1900Ellen Smithf13 weeksHalf pay
1900H M Symonds3 weeks
1900H T Baconm5 days
1900M Kettle1 week
1900L M Lake2 weeks
1900B J Harrison2 weeks
1900R S Defty3 weeks
1900Jane Wanstall2 weeks
1900Alf Waller1 week 2 days
1900Marten Ward7 weeks
1900T Wanstall11 weeks 2 days
1900R L Randall2 weeks
1900R Anderson1 week
1900S G Laurence11 weeks 2 days
1900R S Defty4 weeks
1900John Edwards1 week
1900Jas Lee1 week
1900Sam G Laurence13 weeks
1900Alice Walker5 weeksHalf pay
1900Alfred Lake5 days
1900Sis Chadwick2 weeks
1900M A Kirby1 week
1900S A Salter4 weeks
1900B J Harrison
1900J H Kettle junr1 weekHalf pay
1900Clem H Lake
Total 1900105 weeks 3 days £67 18s. 9d.
1901S A Salter6 weeks
1901Clemence H Lake2 weeks
1901Alice Walker9 weeks
1901Jas W Allen1 week
1901Ben J Harison2 weeks
1901Walter J Allen1 week
1901Frank Jacob1 week
1901R L Randall21 weeks
1901Jas Lee2 weeks
1901H D Randell2 weeks
1901A C Lee2 weeks
1901Mrs Childs2 weeks
1901Alf R Lake1 weeks 4 days
1901Ed Cotton22 weeks
1901Jas Allen4 days
1901Frank Jacobs1 week
1901B J Harrison1 week 2 days
1901Cecil Chadwick1 week
1901Jas W Allen2 weeks 2 days
1901Frank Jacobs2 weeks 5 days
1901Ellen Smith8 weeks
1901Jas Neale2 weeks
1901Alf R Lake2 weeks 5 days
1901R S Defty16 weeks
1901Clem H Lake1 week 2 days
1901Clem H Lake3 weeks
1901Alice Walker7 weeks
1901Marten Ward4 weeks
1901Ben J Cleathero3 weeks 2 days
1901Mrs Wanstall2 weeks
1901Frank Jacobs2 weeks 5 days
1901Alf Lake2 weeks
1901Ellen Smith3 weeks
Total 1901141 weeks 4 days £102 2s. 11d.
1902Alf Lake1 day
1902Ellen Smith8 weeks
1902H D Randell3 weeks
1902W J Cheverton2 weeks 2 daysHalf pay
1902May Nockels5 days
1902Wm Salter11 weeks
1902Jas Lee1 week 2 days
1902H Mace Symonds3 weeks
1902W J Cheverton1 week
1902Wm Mayes1 week
1902L M Lake1 week
1902Gilbert Allen12 weeks
1902Wm R Seales3 weeks
1902Maggie Walker1 week 5 days
1902Alice Wright3 weeks
1902A C Lee3 weeks
1902Wm Salter1 week
1902Charlotte Allen1 week
1902H D Randell2 weeks
1902E M M A Jeckells8 weeks
1902R L Randall1 week 3 days
1902W W Randall1 week
1902W J Allen8 weeks 4 days
1902J H Kettle junr9 weeks
1902Wm Mayes2 weeks
1902W J Cheverton
Total 190289 weeks 4 days £71 10s. 10d.
1903Wm J Cheverton1 week 2 days
1903Maggie E Walker7 weeks
1903Alfred R Lake1 week 2 days
1903M A Payne3 weeks
1903Robt Defty1 week 1 day
1903Ellen Smith14 weeks
1903Ellen Smith4 weeksHalf pay
1903May Nockels1 week 4 days
1903Alfred Lake3 weeks
1903Jas Kettle11 weeks 1 day
1903Geo W Nockels3 weeks
1903E Mees2 weeks 1 day
1903Ida Turner4 weeks
1903Ruth Anderson1 week 4 days
1903Lucy Childs8 weeks
1903Mrs Wanstall19 weeks
1903Alfred Walker1 week 4 daays
1903Ben J Harrison1 week 1 day
1903Alfred Lake2 weeks 1 day
1903Saml G Lawrence5 weeks 4 days
1903Maggie Walker7 weeks
1903Alfred Walker1 week 4 days
1903Ellen Smith10 weeksHalf pay
1903Alfred R Lake2 weeks 1 day
1903Harry Cotton10 weeks
1903Wm G Warner1 week 4 days
1903Sam G Lawrence4 days
1903Ellen Smith3 weeksHalf pay
1903Lewis M Lake1 week
1903H G Sobey2 weeks 1 day
1903Alfred Lake3 weeks 3 days
1903M A Payne2 days
Total 1903139 weeks £81.8s.4d.
1904M A Payne5 weeks 4 days
1904Alfred Lake4 days
1904Alfred Lake10 weeks
1904William Lake2 weeks 1 day
1904Marten Ward8 weeks 2 days
1904Alfred R Lake2 weeks 1 day
1904E W Hunter9 weeks 1 day
1904H T Bacon1 week 5 days
1904B J Harrison2 weeks 1 day
1904Jane Wanstall1 week 5 days
1904S J Lawrence6 weeks 3 days
1904Charles Allen2 days
1904S J Lawrence4 weeks 3 days
1904A C Lee3 weeks
1904Walter J Allen5 weeks 4 days
1904W W Randall5 days
1904Chas Allen3 weeks
1904John Allen1 week
1904J A Neale1 week
1904Walter J Allen2 weeks 1 day
1904Ida M Turner2 weeks
Total 190474 weeks £51.10s.10d.
1905Walter J Allen1 week 3 days
1905Frank J Jacobs2 weeks
1905James Lee2 weeks
1905A Charles Lee2 week 1 day
1905James W Allen1 week days
1905Marten Ward10 weeks
1905Alfred R Lake2 weeks
1905Alfred Salter2 weeks
1905R L Randall1 week 2 days
1905Alfred Lake2 weeks
1905Alfred E Walker5 days
1905Harold D Randell1 week 1 day
1905Ben J Harrison5 days
1905William R Seales4 weeks
1905James Lee3 weeks
1905Alfred E Walker11 weeks 4 days
1905Ellen Smith3 weeks
1905Lily W J Leake5 weeks 4 days
1905William J Cheverton1 week 1 day
1905W W Weir2 weeks
1905John Allen5 weeks 4 days
1905Charles T Allen2 weeks
1905R L Randall1 week
1905Sybil C Randall2 weeks
1905Alfred R Lake1 week 3 days
1905Hannah Mace Symonds2 weeks 4 days
Total 190573 weeks 3 days £49. 6s. 3d.
1906Alf E Walker3 days
1906Hannah Mace Symonds2 days
1906Marten Ward16 weeksFull pay
1906Marten Ward26 weeksHalf pay
1906Marten Ward10 weeksQuarter pay
1906Ellen Smith18 weeks 2 days
1906Lily J Leake1 week
1906Alfred Lake4 weeks
1906Jas Grimble5 days
1906Geo A Allen1 week
1906Alf R Leake1 week 4 days
1906Jas W Allen1 week
1906Lily J Leake6 weeks 3 days
1906Hy Cotton1 week
1906Clem Leake3 weeks
1906Wm J Cheverton2 weeks 5 days
1906Alice Cadywould1 week 2 days
1906J A Neale5 weeks 4 days
1906Alice M Mayes3 weeks
1906Mabel T Randall2 weeks
1906Wm H Grimble4 weeks
1906Lily J Leake1 week
1906Alf R Sergeant2 weeks 3 days
1906W W Randall1 week 2 days
Total 1906113 weeks 4 days £55. 6s. 8d.