Cromer Gangway in 3D

In June 2023 there was a drone photographic survey of the whole Cromer seafront to record it before the rock armour is put into place later in 2024. The main defence work is to be the west of the pier but we've taken the opportunity to include 3D models of other sections of the front.

We've put a date on for each photograph. If it's an estimated year, we've indicated that by 'circa' in the linked text.

Manipulating the 3D element will depend on the device and browser that you're using. On a Windows computer, left, right and middle buttons all offer different means of control. For a Mac, the controls are slightly different, mixed with the key.. For a touch screen, phone or tablet, single-finger and double-finger swipes or pinches will be the way to enlarge, shrink and rotate the 3D view. We'll leave you to sort it out!